Bottle Water Pump, 12V Flojet

Bottle Water Pump, 12V Flojet

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Part Number:BW5005-000A
  • Description:Bottle Water Pump, 12V Flojet # BW5005-000A
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  • 20’ of 1/4" o. d. White Poly Tubing
  • Flow Rate 1.0 GPM
  • Demand Pump shuts off when no demand
  • Wand Float automatically stops the pump when bottle is empty

  • The new Flojet BW5000A Bottled Water pump is the most reliable, affordable and compact systemavailable on the market. Ideal for dispensing drinking bottled water to the refrigeratorice maker / door tap, coffee brewer, espresso coffee cart or drinking water faucets. The Bottled Water Pump was designed to pump purified water from a commercially available 5-gallonpurified water bottle. The Bottled Water Pump will deliver the water under pressure to an individualdrinking water faucet, the water inlet of a refrigerator for the ice maker and chilled drinking watertap, and to certain commercial coffee / tea brewers. When the suction wand is inserted into the standard 5-gallon bottle, it will activate the floatswitch on the end of the wand and turn the pump on. This same float switch shuts off the pump when thebottle is empty. The wand has a built in back-flow preventer valve that prevents water in the systemfrom flowing back into the bottle, or spilling while changing bottles. The heart of the Bottled water pump is the pump module that automatically adjusts the flow andpressure to fill an appliance or faucet, and stops automatically. The pump is equipped with an automaticthermal cut-off device for additional protection.
    Maintenance and Sanitation:
    Select a cabinet large enough to accommodate the 5 gallon (19L) bottle and suction wand assembly. Place the pump module on the floor of the cabinet with on/off switch and suction tube facing out towardthe cabinet doors. Position as close as possible to a grounded electrical outlet and place the fivegallon bottle close to the Bottled Water Pump Module without kinking the suction hose. The pump may alsobe placed in a pantry, closet, cellar or other location where a grounded electrical outletis available.

    Warranty issues are handled by Flojet. Please retain all included documentation.
    BW1000 Bottled Water Pump Specs / User Manual please click here
    BW4000 Bottled Water Pump Specs / User Manual please click here
    Flojet BW5000A Manual

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