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Now you can enjoy the delights of real draught beer. Perfect for parties, picnics, social gatherings and holidays.

Any Time, Anywhere:
Once the Maverick Pump is installed you are ready to pour the first beer…

Don’t Pump:
Open the faucet (quickly and all the way) and allow the beer to flow. You may find at first the flow of beer is faster than desired. This is normal and due to the CO2 pressure in the ball.

Don’t Overpump:
Only pump when the beer flow begins to slow. The number one problem once a ball is tapped is OVERPUMPING or NO PUMPING. Both cause problems.

Important Note: It is necessary to keep your beer refrigerated. When using ice, fill carton at least three-quarters full.
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Maverick Pump-No Over Pump
Maverick Pump-No Over Pump
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