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The Omnipure and Systematix Softener cartridges are regenerable softening cartridges constructed totally of FDA-grade materials and softener media. Omnipure contains ALLUXC8SF softener resin and Systematix contains a highly converted sodium-form strong acid fine mesh cation exchanger and has a demonstrated capacity of 15000 ppm for hardness when run on 500 TDS water containing 250ppm hardness to a 1-grain hardness break. Flow rates up to 1 gpm can be run with essentially no hardness leakage. However, higher capacity will be realized at flow rates of 0.25gpm. SYSTEMATIX® AQUALINE® HR-1 SOFTENING CARTRIDGE SPECS:

  • SIZE: 9-3/4": Fits all standard 10" Housings
  • POST FILTER: 20 Micron spun-bonded polypropylene
  • MEDIA: Fine mesh strong acid cation Na+ form
  • PRE-FILTER: 100 Microm reticulated poly foam
  • FLOW RATE: 0.1-0.5 GPM
  • CAPACITY: 15000ppm Gallons
  • PH RANGE: 3-11
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10"x3" Softener Filter Cartridge Omnipure XF934-ALL-UXC 8SF Resin 1,000 grains
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20"x2.5" Softener Filter Cartridge 20"x3" Softener Filter Cartridge
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10"x3" Softener Filter Cartridge Systematix HR-1, 1,000 grains
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4.25"x10" Big Blue Softener Cartridge 4.0gpm
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