4.0" x 3/8" Bore Beer Shank (Rear) Jockey Box Coil Cooler Wall Coupling  316SS
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4.0" x 3/8" Bore Beer Shank (Rear) Jockey Box Coil Cooler Wall Coupling 316SS

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  • Description:4.0''x3/8'' Bore Jockey Box Coil Cooler Wall Coupling Shank (Rear) 316SS
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4.0"x3/8" Bore Jockey Box Coil Cooler Wall Coupling Shank (Rear)
  • 316SS
  • Create your own Jockey Box Assembly!
  • 3/8" Bore
  • Forged Brass Lock Nut & Black Plastic Flange Included
  • Shanks specific for a Jockey Box to connect your beer line to the Cooler Coil and from the Coil to the Beer Faucet.
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  • More about Shanks for Beer, Wine, Beverage & Cider
    The Beer & Wine Dispensing shank provides a stable and practical mounting place for the Beer Faucet. It is the transition between the beer line and thefaucet through a wall or panel. Beer & Wine Dispensing Shanks come in a variety of lengths, Bores and Materials. The Beer & Wine Shank is an excellentconductor of cold Beer between the beer storage room and the Beer Faucet. It is important the Beer & Wine Dispensing Shank does not pass throughnon insulated walls or walls so thick the beer would lose its cool.
    Types:Straight Shanks require additional fittings to connect your beer line: a Beer Hex Nut #80228, a Beer Tail Piece Fitting #BDSSTP-3, (for I. D. of Tubing/Hose being used), a Beer Washer # BDBW, and a Stainless Steel Stepless Oetiker Clamps (appropriate to the O. D. of the tube/hose being used).
    Nipple Shanks have a Built-in tailpiece for easy beer line connection, only an Oetiker Clamp is required to secure it.
    Shank with Bent Tube Barb/Nipple aka Column Shanks Has a 3/16", 1/4" or 3/8" OD Radius tube extending down through tower into kegerator or counter top. The threaded fitting on end allows for easy connection with hex nut and tailpiece inside kegerator.
    Materials:Chrome Plated Brass is brass construction with chrome plating. Shanks made of brass are economical in installations. Used only for beer or water.
    Stainless Steel; is the primary material of choice. It is an recommended for maintaining product purity and for long-term durability inall installations. Used for beer, wine, soda and cider applications.
    Bores: The drilled hole down the inside of the shank the beer passes through is referred to as the “bore. " Most beer shanks are availablewith either 3/16" I. D. (inside diameter) bore or 1/4" I. D. bore.
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