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6.0" 45° Elbow Clamp End T304 Sanitary Fittings
6.0' 45° Elbow Clamp End T304 Sanitary Fittings

6.0" 45° Elbow Clamp End T304 Sanitary Fittings

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  • Description:6.0'' 45° Elbow Clamp End T304 Sanitary Fittings
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6.0" 45° Elbow Clamp End T304 Sanitary Fittings and process piping also known as hygienic piping, high purity piping, in stock at IPS, is used almost exclusively in the food, beverage, bio pharmaceutical and personal care industries.
If you recently visited a commercial brewery, dairy, water plant or food processing plant, you may have noticed the Shiny, Polished, Sanitary Tube Runs with Tri Clover type, Sanitary Clamps and Connections. Sanitary Fittings and Clamps are used almost exclusively in Food, Beverage and Bio-Pharm processes. Sanitary Fittings are preferred for their Strength, Durability, Leak-Proof Design, Clean-Ability, etc. As a result of their smooth open bore and exposed surfaces, you can visually see that every surface your product comes in contact with is clean. Sanitary Fittings are made from all T304/T316, 304/304L, or 316/316L stainless steel components.
Sanitary Tri Clover Fittings Sanitary Fittings, also known as Tri Clover fittings, can be a little intimidating at first glance, however by the time you navigate these pages, you will be able to assemble a complete run with varying sizes... no problem! Simply select the Type of Sanitary Tri Clover Fittings you need for your project; a gasket two fittings and a clamp is all that is needed to start, select all the same clamp and tube flange sizes... build from there.
Please note IPS also offers Barbs and Pipe Fittings with Flanges to easily adapt to your Vinyl, Beverage Tube and Hose. Don't forget Oetiker Clamps.
for making custom shapes, extensions, etc. Butt Weld Fittings are used, these require a weld. Everything else could be considered accessories; vents, ball valves, check valves, gauges, etc.
Sanitary Fittings come from varying sources and are of varying material. Each Item should be stated clearly as to its makeup and C.O.O., ie China, New Zealand, etc and 304/316 type.
  • Used Globally
  • Dairy, Brewery, Winery, Clean Water, Cider & More
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