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Baristas Caffeine Wrench

Baristas Caffeine Wrench - Installation Parts Supply
  • 3 different sized wrenches in one; 8 mm, 12mm and 13 mm sizes fits 95% of the steam wand tip sizes.
  • Gasket Probe; used to remove soft gaskets from many different groups.
  • Wand Scraper; gentler and more efficient than a scraper or knife blade for removing milk residue.
  • Ergo Bend; Some group assemblies are held in with a 7mm or 8mm hex bolt. The bend allows for easy access to this area.
  • Basket Pry; makes it easy to "Pop" the basket from your porta filter handle.
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Baristas Multi Function Caffeine Wrench
Baristas Multi Function Caffeine Wrench
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