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Bev-Seal Ultra Cabled Barrier Bundle Tube 975 Series

Bev-Seal Ultra Cabled Barrier Bundle-975 Series
975-Series Bev-Seal Ultra Cabled Barrier Hose is constructed using 175 Series Bev-Seal ULTRA hose, which is approved by the major US beverage companies. Bev-Seal ULTRA beverage hose features exclusive Glas-Flex inner layer providing a truly flushable, Dual-Barrier product that allows quick flavor changes, including pungent flavors. This feature is especially important in bundled hoses, because beverages in the close packed hoses need the extra protection our Dual-Barrier construction provides. Bev-Seal ULTRA® is the only product that is constructed with two barrier layers to ensure that your customers can enjoy the true flavor of their beverages.
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  • Coca-Cola Approved Part Numbers: 1065235
  • Lines: 8-16
  • Item Length: 100'-500'
  • Nominal ID: 3/8"x 1/2"OD
  • 14.0 clamps
  • flushable dual barrier tubes
  • tubes are numbered
  • film wrap helps flexibility and tight bends
  • extruded red jacket
  • Max Bundle OD: 2.5"
  • Bend Radius (in.): 10.0"
  • Drop Shipped from Factory
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    12 Line x 100' .380
    12 Line x 100' .380" x .500" (14.0) Bev-Seal Ultra Cabled Barrier Bundle Red Jacket 975 Series
    Drop Ships
    12 Line x 200' .380
    12 Line x 200' .380" x .500" (14.0) Bev-Seal Ultra Cabled Barrier Bundle Red Jacket 975 Series
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