Taprite Beer Carbonation Tester 4.5oz w/ Case
Taprite Beer Carbonation Tester 4.5oz w/ Case

Taprite Beer Carbonation Tester 4.5oz w/ Case

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  • Description:Beer Carbonation Tester 4.5oz w/ Case
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Pre-Test PreparationTighten cap until it bottoms and turn it an additional 1/4 turn to properly seal testerChill tester in refrigerator or cooler for 60 minutes or submerge canister only in ice/water bath for 20 minutes. Close all valves on tester prior to testingTest ProceduresAttach 1/4 ID hose (2 ft min. ) from storage tank or keg to ‘Inlet’ (gauge side) of tester and another 1/4 ID hose ( 2 ft min) from ‘Outlet’ (relief valve side) of tester to bucket or equivalentOpen both valves on tester then open outlet on storage tank or keg to allow beer to flow into the tester. Let the beer flow out of the tester until you see minimal foaming from the outlet hose into the bucket. Once minimal foam is observed ‘Close’ all valves in the following order (1) outlet from storage tank or keg (2) tester inlet (3) tester outletOpen the outlet valve of the tester (this will release any false pressure), and then close the valve. Disconnect the hoses by pressing the tabs of the valves from the tester. Vigorously shake the carbonation tester for 30 secondsNote both the temperature and pressure readings from the thermometer and gauge at top of tester. Determine the volume (%) of carbonation from the label on the side of the tester, based on the value of the Temperature and Pressure intersection. Open the outlet valve (to relieve inside pressure) and remove cap to empty contents of testerWash the tester in mild detergent and they dry thoroughly.
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