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American Citizen POU Reverse Osmosis System

Citizen R.O. System
The American Citizen, Multi-Stage, Point of Use (POU), Reverse Osmosis (r.o.) System is a one-of-a-kind, custom designed, proprietary system that is 100% American Designed and Mfg. using American Made Omnipure Water Filters, and John Guest Speed Fit Fittings & Components.
When Robert McCumber, The President and CEO of IPS, designed this r.o. system, many things were taken into consideration, some of which are a new concept in r.o. design and function.
In brief, concerns regarding acidic water, hungry water, osteoporosis, hard water, chloramines, fluorides, even total ppm (parts per million) are addressed see water test instruments.
This is the perfect r.o. unit for your coffee and tea machines by delivering soft, distilled drinking water with elevated ppm.
This system may also be modified by the end user, for your specific application, by simply changing a couple water filters.
  • The American Citizen R.O. unit starts by reducing sediment, especially important when on a well.
  • Reduces bad tastes and odors with a special carbon block filter that also removes chloramines.
  • *Removes up to and beyond 90%+ of toxic pollution, including leads, fluorides, chloramine, etc! by way of a 50gpd r.o. membrane.
  • Softens and distills by way of a special resin blend.
  • Rebuilds the integrity of your water with a 3 stage re-mineralizing feeder filter.
  • Elevates pH to borderline alkaline and elevated TDS via a special silica ball final stage feeder filter.
  • 50 GPD
  • Connection Manifold installs in minutes.
  • final stages can be customized based on desired result.
  • In the Box; Angle stop valve and basic install kit, color coded tubes, assembled R.O. housing, filters, 2 gal tank white
  • *Removal and Reduction is relative to your water conditions and your original TDS, designed for potable water use.
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    American Citizen Reverse Osmosis System Multi-Stage 50gpd 2gal Tank White POU
    American Citizen Reverse Osmosis System Multi-Stage 50gpd 2gal Tank White POU
    In Stock.
    2.5"x12" Citizen POU Stage 1 6 mos Sediment
    In Stock.
    2.5"x12" Citizen POU Stage 2 1000 gal 6mos Pre RO Carbon
    In Stock.
    2.5"x12" Citizen POU Stage 3 Membrane Specialty
    In Stock.
    2.5"x12" Citizen Stage 4 D.I.6months post r.o. Specialty
    In Stock.
    2.5x12", 1/3 Mineral Blend
    In Stock.
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