Soft Drink Carbonation Tester Generic Model Taprite 2701G
Soft Drink Carbonation Tester Generic Model Taprite 2701G

Soft Drink Carbonation Tester Generic Model Taprite 2701G

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  • Description:Soft Drink Carbonation Tester Generic Model Taprite 2701G
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Pre-Order The Generic Soft Drink Carbonation Tester is a great tool for verifying and maintaining CO2 levels in sugared soft drinks. Simply put a sample of your beverage into the tester’s 11 ounce acryliccanister, record the pressure and temperature from the easy to read gauges, and cross-reference your findings with the data on the handy carbonation table. The Tester’s cap and fittings are madeof lightweight, anodized aluminum with easy to grip knurling. The pressure gauge includes a protective rubber boot (600GPS-01) for additional durability. Generic’s Soft Drink Carbonation Tester is easy to handle, easy to use, and easy to clean, and is a must have for every Field Service Technician.
Generic Soda Carbonation Tester General Information:
Click Here for Calibration and Operating Instructions
  • Use an NIST (National Institute for Standards and Technology) reference thermometer to calibrate the carbonation tester thermometer at or near the sample testing temperature.
  • Use an NIST certified dead weight tester or an NIST certified pressure gauge calibrator.
  • Do not turn the hex nut when calibrating the thermometer. The hex nut immediately below the head of the thermometer is used to hold the thermometer while turning the head to calibrate.
  • Taprite Carbonation Tester Operating Instructions:
  • Ensure that the pressure gauge and thermometer are calibrated prior to conducting a carbonation test.
  • Chill both halves of the carbonation tester in an ice cold water bath. Do not submerge the pressure gauge or thermometer.
  • Open the relief valve by flipping the yellow toggle to a vertical position.
  • Empty the contents of the carbonation tester
  • Tilt the canister to 45 degrees and fill the canister to the scribed line located inside the canister. The fountain drink should flow steadily down the side of the canister to minimize foaming.
  • Place the canister on a horizontal surface and carefully screw on the cap.
  • Once the cap bottoms close the relief valve and tighten the cap a quarter turn.
  • Gently swirl the tester until a pressure of 5 psig +/-1 psig is indicated on the gauge.
  • Purge the carbonation gas by opening the relief valve; the pressure should drop down to zero
  • Close the relief valve
  • Vigorously shake the carbonation tester for 30 seconds
  • Determine the volume (%) of carbonation from the canister chart by reading the value at the temperature/pressure intersection.
  • Open the relief valve and empty the contents of the tester
  • Wash the tester in a warm mild detergent and then dry thoroughly
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