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Backflow Double Check Vented Watts SD3 ASSE 1022

ASSE 1022 Double Check Vented Backflow Watts SD3
!These Vent Atmospherically! Meaning Water Will Leak From The Vent Port!
Some leak more than others. Installers must use Fitting and Tubing of choice to run a drain line or drain saddle.
This will satisfy the bureaucrat that is preventing you from making a beverage.
Failure to read and follow installation instructions, is a failure!
Product Info & Installation Instructions
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 18
  • Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment
  • ASSE 1022 Approved Dual Check with Atmospheric Vent
  • 316 stainless steel body for corrosion resistance
  • Maximum working pressure is 150 psi (10 bar)
  • All rubber compounds comply with FDA food additive regulations
  • Streamline design minimizes pressure loss and cavitation
  • Endurance tested for more than 500,000 pumping cycles
  • Atmospheric port provides visual indication of failure of the second check
  • All materials in contact with the potable water are in compliance with the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, Public Law 93-523, National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations.
  • Strainer manufactured from NSF-approved acetal plastic
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    3/8"x3/8" Flare Dual Check Vented, No Strainer, 150psi, ASSE 1022 Watts 0061678
    In Stock.
    $90.67  $85.49
    1/4"x1/4" Flare x FPT Dual Check Valve Vented Strainer ASSE 1022 Watts 0061653
    In Stock.
    3/8"x3/8" Flare x FPT Dual Check Valve Vented Strainer ASSE 1022 Watts 0061657
    In Stock.
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