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Primary Soda Regulator, 2P7P, 1/4" Flare Inlet w/ 6' Hose (CGA320),  1/4" Flare Outlets
Primary Soda Regulator, 2P7P, 1/4' Flare Inlet w/ 6' Hose (CGA320), 1/4' Flare Outlets

Primary Soda Regulator, 2P7P, 1/4" Flare Inlet w/ 6' Hose (CGA320), 1/4" Flare Outlets

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  • Description:Primary Soda Regulator, 2P7P, 1/4'' Flare Inlet w/ 6' Hose (CGA320), (1) 1/4'' Flare Outlet w/ Check,
    (6) 1/4'' Flare Outlet Shut-offs w/ Check, 100#, 1100#, 160#, and 2000# Gauges, Red Caps
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Primary Soda Regulator, 2P7P, 1/4" Flare Inlet w/6' Hose (CGA320), (1) 1/4" Flare Outlet w/ Check, (6) 1/4" Flare Shut-off Outlets w/ Check, 100lb, 160lb, and 2000lb Gauges, Red Caps
The 8000 Series is similar to the 5740 Series of Primary Regulators (for direct cylinder mount) and have a non-adjustable safety built into the body of the regulator where it cannot be removed or easilycircumvented. In the event of a failure of the regulator seat, this safety will respond instantaneously protecting anything downstream from potentially dangerous high pressure. The maximumdown stream pressure the system will see will not exceed 143 psig in accordance with NSDA guidelines.
  • 8000 Series For Commercial, High Volume
  • Polycarbonate bonnet will not chip, break or fade
  • High CO2 volumetric flow provides continuity in product dispensing
  • Primary regulators connect directly to gas source
  • Recommended  operating pressure be limited to 2/3 of the gauge range for maximum accuracy
  • UL approved per UL252 class IV rating for CO2
  • Both Primary and Secondary regulators can accept CO2 tank pressure
  • 10 Micron filter built in to keep contaminants out of regulator
  • Used primarily for Soda and Beer but can be used for other applications.
  • One repair kit for primary and secondary
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